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Each letterform handcrafted after a different musical album.

An exquisitely disjointed experiment.

Created during the event of the same name, each letter in this font was inspired by a different album from thirty-six unique artists. It’s more type experiment than typeface with all the glyphs combining in an awkward mixture of clashing characters—similar to the note of a serial killer.


Beans on Toast

Semi Bold

Trials + Persons

36 Days of Type 2023
type crazy words here

Small Caps

Proportional Digits

Localized Forms

Tabular Digits

Case-sensitive Punctuation



36 Days of Type 2023

book Italic

cad $40

Renwick Book Italic

Full family

cad $40

Renwick Full Family

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Total styles: 1
Script: Basic Latin
Class: Sans, display, experimental, playful, decorative, lowercase
Design features: All over the place tbh
OpenType features: None
Stylistic sets: None
Credits: Reese Lee Type design and production