Tofu Type Foundry

Thirty Second Bio

Hello there! I’m Reese, the face behind Tofu Type Foundry, an independent operation designing and selling typefaces in Winnipeg, Canada. When I’m not crying over the price of cheese you can find me kerning letter pairs or pretending to understand GitHub.

My typeface catalog is generally inspired by historical reference while still offering a fresh take on classic styles. Language support and a high quality of work are my top priorities, ensuring the fonts are as usable as possible—an essential element that every graphic designer requires. The Tofu library is a slow growing body of work as this is a hobby. Stick around, because we’re going to have some fun!

Meet the Team

A bearded man smiling while wearing sunglasses.


Reese Lee

A man wrapped up in a cozy blanket, holding a cup of tea and nearly falling asleep.

Web Developer

Reese Lee

A young overjoyed designer holding two thumbs up.

Junior Designer

Reese Lee

An exhausted looking man with bedhead.

Senior Designer

Reese Lee

A serious-looking man saluting.

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Reese Lee

A small dog holding a toy in his mouth.

Chief of Morale


Core Values

Creativity and exploration

Humorous and lighthearted

Skillful craftsmanship

Collaborative and community-driven