Tofu Type Foundry


Based in Winnipeg, Tofu Type Foundry is an independent Canadian operation that designs and sells typefaces. Being autonomous allows Tofu to create technically proficient typefaces without being contained to a single classification. The backbone behind their library of fonts remains rooted in historical reference, but also offers a fresh take on classic styles. Tofu’s commitment to maximizing usability ensures that Latin Plus language support is always a top priority.

Meet the Team

A bearded man smiling while wearing sunglasses.


Reese Lee

A man wrapped up in a cozy blanket, holding a cup of tea and nearly falling asleep.

Web Developer

Reese Lee

A young overjoyed designer holding two thumbs up.

Junior Designer

Reese Lee

An exhausted looking man with bedhead.

Senior Designer

Reese Lee

A serious-looking man saluting.

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Reese Lee

A small dog holding a toy in his mouth.

Chief of Morale