Tofu Type Foundry


Based in Winnipeg, I’m an independent one-man operation designing and selling typefaces as a hobby. The backbone of my catalog remains rooted in historical reference while offering a fresh take on classic styles. Commitment to language support is always a top priority, ensuring my fonts are as usable as possible.

Meet the Team

A bearded man smiling while wearing sunglasses.


Reese Lee

A man wrapped up in a cozy blanket, holding a cup of tea and nearly falling asleep.

Web Developer

Reese Lee

A young overjoyed designer holding two thumbs up.

Junior Designer

Reese Lee

An exhausted looking man with bedhead.

Senior Designer

Reese Lee

A serious-looking man saluting.

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Reese Lee

A small dog holding a toy in his mouth.

Chief of Morale