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A hefty display stencil inspired by lettering from East Germany.

Chunky, bold, and authoritative.

Mosko draws inspiration from separated East/West Berlin during the Cold War. It’s designed for large display use, features chunky stencil-like construction, and has a heavy presence.


Beans on Toast

Semi Bold

Trials + Persons

Mosko Regular
Try typing something quickly!

Alternate round M/W

Alternate asymmetrical U

Slashed Zero

Alternate round K/X

Alternate lowercase-style N


Alternate lopsided Ts

Localized forms

Lining inverted punctuation


Mosko Regular


Mosko Regular

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Tags: Stencil, Display, Heavy, Soviet, German

Credits: Latin by Reese Lee

Figures: Lining (Proportional & Tabular)

Glyph Set Included: Limited

OpenType Features: aalt, ccmp, locl, subs, sinf, sups, numr, dnom, frac, ordn, pnum, tnum, zero, calt, ss01 … ss07